Meiji Techno Mt6530, Trinocular Asbestos Pcm Microscope

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Meiji Techno, MT6530, Trinocular Asbestos PCM Microscope, 6V 30W Halogen Illuminator Features: DIN standard eyepieces HWF 10X and DIN HWF 10X-F focusing eyepieces with Walton and Beckett reticle (Type G-22 with 3:1 aspect ratio) Mechanical X-Y stage with attached finger assembly Achromatic condenser N.A


1.25 with iris, filter tray and 40X positive Phase annulus in sliding mount Coaxial coarse and fine focus adjustment with graduation, reading 2 microns per division with tension adjustment and safety auto focus stop Built-in Koehler illuminator with 6V 30W halogen lamp and variable intensity control GIF Green interference Filter 546nm, 29.8 diameter Centering Telescope Stage micrometer 1mm divided into 100 units each division 0.01 mm PCM Phase Contrast Microscopy

Built in Koehler Transmitted illuminator with 6V 30W Halogen lamp and variable intensity control

Equipped with Phase contrast infin Infinity Corrected objectives, GIF filter, Walton and Beckett reticle and a centering telescope and stage micrometer.

Phase contrast microscopy does not positively differentiate between asbestos and other fibers

Phase contrast microscopy is the method that is primarily used for estimating asbestos concentrations of airborne fibers

The MT6530 is a newly designed PCM Phase Contrast Compound Microscope for Asbestos fiber counting applications

This method is quick and can be performed on-site for a rapid determination of concentrations of asbestos fibers in the air